Stability, safety and peace

Why invest in Cape Verde

The Republic of Cape Verde was never subjected to mass instability or terrorist attacks and is far from migratory flows.

Due to its excellent geographical position, the archipelago can be easily reached in a few hours from all western countries.

The population, mostly Catholic, lives peacefully away from any cause of distress.

The climate is mild all year long.

Private properties are fully protected by Cape Verdean legislation.

Why invest in Boa Vista

We chose the Boa Vista island as the location for our properties, a unique place with white sandy beaches, splendid ivory dunes and crystal-clear sea.

With the opening of the international airport in 2007, the island has unlocked its full tourism potential to the world.

This has not gone unnoticed by the world's largest tour operators, who have already made and are still making big investments in the area, boosting tourism and the growth of the real estate industry.

Safety and protection for your investment

In Cape Verde, purchases are made by notary contracts, registered with the land registry; property rights are protected by the law and there are no resale restrictions.

The average rental income is greater than or equal to 5% per year.

There is an intergovernmental agreement between the Italian Republic and the Republic of Cape Verde (reciprocity agreement), as per Law 527 of 29/12/99 and published in the Official Gazette no. 13 of 18/1/2000.

The right to free repatriation of capital is guaranteed, provided that tax obligations are fulfilled.

Cape Verde is not in the list of countries with a privileged tax regime (tax havens, Black list), as per Italian Ministerial Decree of 27/12/2002.